What is Local 503's structure?

Our local structure is made up of 3 parts:

The Local Executive Committee, the Steward Body and the General Membership.  



Our LEC is made up of the President, three Vice-Presidents (OPS, OCOT and Communications), Treasurer, and Secretary. These are elected positions with a term of 2 years. Our next elections will be held in the fall of 2018.

The Local Executive Committee is responsible for carrying out the financial and administrative business of the local under the terms set by the OPSEU Constitution. This includes: preparing and submitting quarterly audit reports,  running a minimum of 2 General Membership Meetings per year, representing the membership at the LERC, and facilitating member participation in union and community events. 


All members of the Local Executive Committee are also Stewards. Additionally, we have stewards and information stewards in all eight of our work locations. Stewards assist the LEC to communicate with and represent the members. Stewards can be elected or appointed, and swear an oath to fulfill the obligations and responsibilities of stewardship to the best of their ability. 

The Steward’s Job in OPSEU is:

• Organizer and communicator
• Grievance handler
• A link to collective bargaining
• A link to the Local Executive
• A link to the central union
• A resource for members

Our local also has two trustees who oversee the finances of our local. Per the constitution, the trustees must be elected every two years and cannot be stewards.

Click the links in the navigation menu at the top of the page to access lists of OPS and OCOT stewards in OPSEU Local 503.


The General Membership is made up of everyone who is represented by the local. A minimum of twice a year, the local executive organizes General Membership meetings. At these meetings the members have direct say in the local budget, bargaining demands, and initiatives of the local. You can also be involved by bringing your comments and ideas to your stewards, or by becoming a steward yourself! By getting involved you ensure your union represents your needs.