OPSEU Events

Here are a few of the events OPSEU invites all members to, each year:


  • Convention
  • Regional meetings
  • Divisional meetings
  • BPS meetings
  • Campaign meetings
  • Equity conferences
  • Quarterly regional Educational meetings
  • Other planning/solidarity events

All of these events take place over a weekend, or a week in the case of OPSEU Convention. Whenever you attend one of these events, OPSEU Local 503 works with OPSEU Corporate to cover your hotel, meals mileage and on-site childcare.

You will need to pay for all expenditures in advance and submit for reimbursement, however OPSEU does offer advances for those who have been approved to attend any of its’ events. Please see any of us for details.


We want for it to cost nothing for our frugal members to learn more about the complicated processes at work to safeguard our rights, benefits and wages.


There is bandwidth for us to work with other regions to facilitate attendance at OPSEU functions for our remote-working members. If you are an Enforcement Officer or Education Officer, work outside of the Greater Toronto Area and would like to attend OPSEU events, please reply to this e-mail.


For the Region 5 November Educational, OPSEU Local 503 sent 16 applications to attend, which is a great number for us, and should be viewed as quite a comfort to the casual reader.