Intra-OPSEU Co-Operation

Within OPSEU there are 7 geographical regions, each having their own branches, sectors, divisions, locals and units. We are in:


Interagency co-operation is where OPSEU draws its strength. Local 503 is in talks with sister Local 502 to work together on a flyering event for the We Own It anti-privatization campaign, and for a second solidarity event involving free lunch for as many members as we can get to.

L503 Executive body is one of the most active in our Region, occupying 3 executive seats on the Greater Toronto Area Council and serving on the Provincial Women’s Committee and the Provincial Francophone Committee. We need your participation to help other locals in their bargaining processes, so that we in turn can benefit from their support.

There is bandwidth for us to work with other regions to facilitate attendance at OPSEU functions for our remote-working members. If you are an Enforcement Officer or an Education Officer, work outside of the Greater Toronto Area and would like to attend OPSEU events, please reply to this e-mail.