Grievances are costly, laborious, and sometimes necessary affairs. They are our last resort, with many intervening steps beforehand, to ensure that the procedures which carry out the policies in our Collective Agreement are enforced.

OPSEU Local 503 is working with our legal team to prepare final paperwork for 4 OCOT grievances heading for mediation this year. They all relate to differences of opinion in the interpretation of our CA and need outside mediation/arbitration to sort out.

From Article 9, Grievance and Arbitration Procedure:

“The parties mutually agree on a mediator who is a recognized arbitrator by the Ontario Labour Relations Board.”

“If the grievance is not settled at the mediation session, it may be referred to arbitration as hereinafter provided at any time within the ten working days thereafter.” -

Any grievance making it to arbitration becomes public record, and is thereafter viewable in the CANLII and OPSEU Grievance Databases.