Equity Committees and Groups

Our job as OPSEU members and activists is to promote and maintain our union’s message on issues related to women, people with disabilities, workers of colour, Aboriginal workers, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/transsexual, intersexed, aseuxal, queer, questioning and two spirited (LGBTTIAQQ2S) workers, francophones and young workers. The work of OPSEU’s Equity Committees, Caucuses and the Unit provides a foundation for this work. However, to ensure that equity reaches every member and every workplace we need every member to be a champion for equity.

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Equity Committees and Caucuses

Aboriginal Circle 

Disability Rights Caucus

Provincial Francophone Committee 

Provincial Human Rights Committee 

Provincial Women's Committee 

Provincial Young Workers Committee

Rainbow Alliance arc-en-ciel 

Workers of Colour

Religious Observances and Equity Calendars

OPSEU is committed to the principle of freedom of religion and upholding the right to equal treatment on the basis of creed.  In recognition of these rights and principles, which include respect for religious beliefs, practices and observances, the Equity Unit has compiled a calendar of religious observances. Major religious celebrations, which represent the holiest time of the year for many worshipers, have also been highlighted.  While the list is not exhaustive, it does provide guidelines to assist in planning and scheduling OPSEU meetings, activities and events. To encourage inclusion and full participation, consideration should be given when scheduling events that could fall around these times.

* It should also be noted that there are many other forms of religions and traditions that may fall outside the scope of the religious calendar we have provided.

Religious Observances 2015

Human Rights and Equity Calendar

Key human rights and equity dates have been compiled into a calendar to highlight members’ priority issues and to draw attention to events of significance to OPSEU members, the Equity Unit, and equity committees and caucuses. The dates promote the achievements of the labour movement, and human rights and community organizations who have worked proactively to defend and improve members’ rights and working conditions. The dates also serve as a guideline for planning events and activities locally, regionally, and in the community.

Human Rights and Equity Observances 2015

Human Rights Accommodation

OPSEU Accommodation Policy

The purpose of the OPSEU Accommodation Policy is to ensure that OPSEU provides accommodation to members in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code.  The goal of an accommodation is to allow OPSEU members to participate fully in union-related activities and functions.

Members who require accommodation may direct their requests to the Equity Unit or an event planner by completing an Accommodation Request Form (see below).  Members will be required to identify accommodation-related needs and to provide information about capabilities, limitations and  restrictions in order to substantiate requests for accommodation.

The Equity Unit will assess all accommodation requests on an individualized basis and will explore accommodation options.  All accommodation-related information will be kept confidential except where disclosure is necessary to make arrangements or to process expense claims.

Download Accommodation Policy

Harassment and Discrimination Policies

OPSEU Harassment and Discrimination Policies