Call for Nominations: OPS Stewards for the 2018-2020 term


This is a call for nominations for unit stewards at the following Local 503 OPS locations:

- 900 Bay Street, Mowat Block
- 77 Wellesley Street West, Ferguson Block
- 7 Queen's Park Circle
- 33 Bloor Street East
- 625 Church Street 
- 2 Carlton Street
- 3300 Bloor Street West

Nominations are open until Tuesday, July 31st 2018, and are for the 2018-2020 term commencing September 4th, 2018.


Click here to fill out and submit the online nomination form. 

Your nomination must be submitted no later than Tuesday, July 31st at 5:00PM.

All nominees will be contacted between August 1st and 5th to find out whether they accept, or decline, their nomination. You can nominate anyone you wish who works at the same work location as you! You can also nominate yourself, and  you can nominate more than one person (but please nominate them separately). 

Stewards are at the heart of our Union. They hold volunteer positions on the Local 503 Executive Committee, where they represent the needs and concerns of the members at their work location. Similarly, they facilitate the flow of union information to members. 

Nominating or running as a stewards will ensure that the members at your work location have their voice heard by the 2018-2020 Local 503 executive that will be elected in September. It ensures that if you or a colleague experience trouble and need help from the Union, that there is an accessible, well-trained representative available to assist you.

Click here to learn about the roles and responsibilities of stewards and local union officers.


Union elections are held in two stages. First is the election of stewards, who are nominated by their colleagues. The elected stewards constitute the Local Executive Committee (LEC).

The second stage is the election of officers: President, OPS Vice President, BPS Vice President, Vice President of Communications, Secretary and Treasurer. This special election meeting is tentatively scheduled for September 4th, 2018. To be eligible for nomination as an officer, one must have been elected as a steward.

The number of stewards is determined by the number of members in each of Local 503's two units (OPS and BPS). Based on the ratios of members in both units, for the 2018-2020 term, the OPS members of our local are entitled to elect up to twenty-one (21) stewards. The Ontario College of Trades, our BPS unit, is entitled to seven (7) stewards, based on the size of their membership.

If 21 OPS members or less are nominated and accept their nomination, this group (together with the 7 stewards elected by the College of Trades) will constitute the 2018-2020 OPSEU Local 503 Local Executive Committee and steward body.

If more than 21 OPS members are nominated through the process below, and accept their nomination, we will hold a special OPS Steward Election Meeting in August 2018. This information will be announced and posted.

As we face the next four years working in a Ford government, we must be prepared to defend our jobs and our benefits. Nominate a colleague (or yourself!) today! 

Most of this information applies to both OPS and OCOT members, but the nomination process outlined is for OPS members only. If you are an employee at the Ontario College of Trades, you will be electing OCOT stewards at an OCOT general membership meeting scheduled for June 28th. Please speak to Laura Thompson for details.