About OPSEU Local 503

*October 2018 Update*

On Monday October 1st, OPSEU Local 503 elected a new Local Executive Committee (LEC) and Steward Body. We look forward to continuing to represent you in the workplace! Your new Local 503 Executive Team is:

Laura Thompson laura@opseulocal503.org

Vice President OCOT
Joseph Pyringer joseph@opseulocal503.org

Vice President OPS
Emile Thomas emile@opseulocal503.org

Vice President Communications
Nathan Kumaru nathan@opseulocal503.org

Marlene Ward marlene@opseulocal503.org

Diego Savone diego@opseulocal503.org

Chief Steward
Catherine Guijarro catherine@opseulocal503.org


Stewards for the Ontario College of Trades
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Stewards for the Ontario Public Service
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OPSEU Local 503 is a composite local made up of over 600 members.  Most of our members live and work in the Greater Toronto Area.

We are a composite local – our membership is represented in sixteen ministries of the Ontario Public Service:

Ministry of Children and Youth Services
Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade
Ministry of Community and Social Services
Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Energy
Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Government and Consumer Services
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Ministry of the Attorney General
Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development
Ministry of Transportation
Treasury Board Secretariat
and Ontario College of Trades in the Broader Public Service.

In addition to members whose positions are based in Toronto but who work in field offices throughout the province, OPSEU Local 503 members can be found in eight different work locations in Toronto.




The Local 503 LEC is made up of the President, one Vice-President in each component (OPS and OCOT), Vice President of CommunicationsTreasurerSecretary and Stewards. These are elected positions with a term of 2 years. 

The Local Executive Committee is responsible for carrying out the financial and administrative business of the local under the terms set by the OPSEU Constitution. This includes: preparing and submitting quarterly audit reports,  running a minimum of 2 General Membership Meetings per year, representing the membership at the LERC, facilitating member participation in bargaining, and organizing local events. 


All members of the Local Executive Committee are also Stewards. In addition, our local has stewards in all of our office locations in Toronto, and several remote OCOT Enforcement Officer stewards. Stewards assist the LEC to communicate with and represent the members. 

The Steward’s Job in OPSEU is:

• Organizer and communicator
• Grievance handler
• A link to collective bargaining
• A link to the Local Executive
• A link to the central union
• A resource for members


The General Membership is made up of everyone who is represented by the local. A minimum of twice a year, the local executive organizes General Membership meetings. At these meetings the members have direct say in the local budget, bargaining demands, and initiatives of the local. You can also be involved by bringing your comments and ideas to your stewards, or by becoming a steward yourself! By getting involved you ensure your union represents your needs.


29.5.1 The President shall enforce compliance with Bylaws and regulations of the Union and Local; preside at Local meetings; be an ex-officio member of all Local committees; generally supervise the affairs and operations of the Local; carry out such other duties as may be prescribed by Local Bylaws.


29.5.2 The Vice-President shall perform all the Presidential functions during any absence of the President and accept and exercise such other duties and powers as may be designated by the Local Executive Committee or the President. The Vice-President may also attend all functions (including all regional meetings and Conventions) of the Union, in place of the President when the President cannot attend.


29.5.4 The Treasurer shall be responsible for proper administration of the assets of the Local, including the operating funds.


29.5.3 The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the Local and keep Minutes; distribute notices to all members of the Local, as required; answer and/or forward all pertinent correspondence; and forward all pertinent membership information to the appropriate union regional office.


Due to the size of the Local 503 membership and the need for timely communications, the Local 503 executive includes a VP Comms position.

Duties: using new and familiar communications methods, the VP of Communications will be responsible for disseminating information regarding or of interest to the local, and will also:

  • Maintain, update and expand the Local 503 website (www.opseulocal503.org)
  • Send meeting announcements and invitations to members, the steward body and the local executive committee (LEC)
  • Forward regional and central OPSEU communications
  • Work with the Secretary to post LEC, steward and general membership meeting minutes on the Local 503 website
  • Facilitate communications with our OCOT enforcement officers and EDU education officers
  • Oversee audio/visual at general membership meetings to allow remote members to participate